Story of Love: Anjali Sharma

"जिस्मों की मोहब्बत किसे चाहिए , कोई रूह का सौदा हो तो बताइये" गुलज़ार साहब की ये नज़्म बेहद सलीके से जचता है मुझपे मेरा और उसका प्यार ऐसा ही तो था । प्यार जो मुझे उससे था वो तेहज़ीब का प्यार था सबसे अलग.. पाक। एक तरफ़ा प्यार बेहद खूबसूरत एहसास की तरह है… Continue reading Story of Love: Anjali Sharma


Story of Love: Sujit Jha

A long way back, a small town boy meets a Delhi girl merely as a classmate at the International Institute of Mass Media. Coincidently they followed the same route to college so they decided to pool in for an auto-rickshaw making it economical for both. That's when they got to know each other. They became… Continue reading Story of Love: Sujit Jha

Story of Love: Tanmay Sharma

I'm here to tell you about my dreamy love story which, strangely took place in my favourite filmmaker's film (Chungking Express) based out of Hong Kong. Faye, a gleeful short-haired girl working in a midnight food express is lost in her world of the famous The Mamas & Papas’ song, “California Dreaming”. She's quite hasty… Continue reading Story of Love: Tanmay Sharma