Is PR still Relevant?

The relevance of Public Relations is questioned often these days. However, to anyone with a balanced sensibility of this domain, such a query seems futile. PR, in the real sense of the word, is as old as the hills. And, it will continue to dominate our reasoning until the very end of the time. PR… Continue reading Is PR still Relevant?


The Sheen and the Shine in the Future of Mass Communication in India

Mass Communication is a field which has an extremely versatile dynamic to it. It presents fantastic career and personal growth opportunities for those who have good oratory skills, have a flair for writing and reading, and have an innate sense of discovering the real picture behind the haze of untruths. India is the second-biggest subscription… Continue reading The Sheen and the Shine in the Future of Mass Communication in India

Star Alum: Neev Kalia

Neev Kalia is a Star Alum at IIMM. He was enrolled in the Bachelor's in Journalism and Mass Communication program in the 2015-2018 batch. Here he shares his testimonial. If I talk about my experience at International Institute of Mass Media, New Delhi, it was really good. In the final year of the Bachelor’s in… Continue reading Star Alum: Neev Kalia

Happy birthday #hashtag

Disclaimer: This piece Happy Birthday #Hashtag written by Saumyaa Vohra is taken from The Hindu and appeared on its website on August 20, 2018. Ever since San Francisco techie Chris Messina used the first-ever hashtag on August 23, 2007 (#barcamp) on Twitter, the concept has become part of the zeitgeist. Here’s how to get it… Continue reading Happy birthday #hashtag