Jawed Sahab: An Unknown History – Teaser

International Institute of Mass Media - IIMM Delhi proudly presents Jawed Sahab: An Unknown History, a short film by our students. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6mjtmATDh0 Dr M A Jawed is a prolific teacher and a poet. For his students and colleagues, he is an example of a great human being. We are honoured to know him and be guided… Continue reading Jawed Sahab: An Unknown History – Teaser


Interview: “Make Use of Your Potential”

This interview of our Director Mr Subhash Raj was conducted by CollegeDunia and has appeared on their website. Satisfying experience in the education industry I have been a part of the education industry for the past 18 years, especially in the field of mass communication. For me, it is the best industry to be in… Continue reading Interview: “Make Use of Your Potential”

मैं हूँ क्या – वैश्या

जानते हो मैं हूँ क्या? मैं हूँ वैश्या पता है मैंने है क्या-क्या किया? मैं नाचती हूँ कोठों पर, खुश होती हूँ बस नोटों पर हर रात, हर रात मैं अपना जिस्म बेचती हूँ इतना दर्द मैं बस, पैंसों के लिए तो सहती हूँ मैं लोगों की रातें रंगीन करती हूँ हर रात ये अपराध… Continue reading मैं हूँ क्या – वैश्या