Seminar on Public Relations and Embodying Mind, Body and Energy

International Institute of Mass Media - IIMM Delhi organized a seminar in association with Crossword Public Relations on "The Impact of Public Relations in Digital World and "Embody Wellness of Mind, Body and Energy" on 9th April 2019. The seminar was conducted under the Student Development Program.


Chunav Chaupal organized by Lok Sabha TV at IIMM Delhi

Lok Sabha TV organized a Chunav Chaupal with the students of IIMM Delhi on the topic "Raj Satta" on 12 April 2019. Our students, particularly students of #BJMC who are first-time voters, shared their views on the performance of the incumbent government and their hopes and aspirations from #GeneralElections2019.

The Different Avatars of Mass Media in Brief

Mass media, in totality, is the vehicle which takes a message or a piece of information forward to its desired audience or end-user segment. The machinery which is utilized for this purpose constitutes the mode for mass media. This, incidentally, is a very diverse domain. It is made up of various spheres, some more effective… Continue reading The Different Avatars of Mass Media in Brief

Star Alum: Neev Kalia

Neev Kalia is a Star Alum at IIMM. He was enrolled in the Bachelor's in Journalism and Mass Communication program in the 2015-2018 batch. Here he shares his testimonial. If I talk about my experience at International Institute of Mass Media, New Delhi, it was really good. In the final year of the Bachelor’s in… Continue reading Star Alum: Neev Kalia

IIMM Photography Expedition 2018: A Report

As students of mass communication, it is pivotal for us to know about the surroundings we are engulfed in. This helps us learn about people. Our institute, International Institute of Mass Media, organized a five-day Photography Expedition to Manali and surrounding areas from 26th to 30th November 2018. The objective of the expedition was to… Continue reading IIMM Photography Expedition 2018: A Report