Anurag Garg is a first-year student at IIMM pursuing his Bachelor's in Journalism and Mass Communication. His interests include photography.


Piyush Mehra captures his imagination in the colours he sees around him. He has participated in multiple competitions including the Canon PhotoMarathon 2017. Piyush is in his final year at IIMM and wants to become a wildlife photographer.

Varanasi: The Land of Shiva | A Film by Street Frame Vagabond-2 | Varanasi: The Land of Shiva Directed and Co-Directed by Anubhav Jamuar and Ashish K Verma D.O.P. by Anubhav Jamuar Edited by Aaashish K Verma A journey through the holy city of Varanasi also known as the 'Land of Lord Shiva'. "If a city could be condensed into a single phrase, the one… Continue reading Varanasi: The Land of Shiva | A Film by Street Frame