Session with Leading Sports Camera Person Mr Rajneesh Sharma

International Institute of Mass Media - IIMM Delhi recently organized a guest lecture with the leading sports camera person Mr Rajneesh Sharma. Gloria Ganguly and Esha Paswan share their reports on the session. Report by Gloria Ganguly, MJMC 1st Year The interactive session with the versatile sports Camera era-person Mr Rajneesh Sharma started with everyone’s… Continue reading Session with Leading Sports Camera Person Mr Rajneesh Sharma


IIMM Photography Expedition 2018: A Report

As students of mass communication, it is pivotal for us to know about the surroundings we are engulfed in. This helps us learn about people. Our institute, International Institute of Mass Media, organized a five-day Photography Expedition to Manali and surrounding areas from 26th to 30th November 2018. The objective of the expedition was to… Continue reading IIMM Photography Expedition 2018: A Report

Photo Expedition 2018!

As part of our robust student training program, IIMM regularly organizes practical activities and expeditions that provide our students the best exposure. This year, we are taking our students on a Photography Expedition to Manali and surrounding areas including Kasol, Mannikaran, and Solang. The five-day trip, from 26 to 30 November 2018, under the mentorship of our… Continue reading Photo Expedition 2018!