Does a Mass Communication Student Have A Bright Future?

Statistics speak for themselves. Let us consider the United States, for example. In this case, communication and media-related jobs are expected to increase by 6% from 2016 to 2026. This rate is at par with the average hike up for all possible vocations. It will, in effect, result in approximately 43,200 new openings. The other… Continue reading Does a Mass Communication Student Have A Bright Future?


Seminar on Public Relations and Embodying Mind, Body and Energy

International Institute of Mass Media - IIMM Delhi organized a seminar in association with Crossword Public Relations on "The Impact of Public Relations in Digital World and "Embody Wellness of Mind, Body and Energy" on 9th April 2019. The seminar was conducted under the Student Development Program.

Chunav Chaupal organized by Lok Sabha TV at IIMM Delhi

Lok Sabha TV organized a Chunav Chaupal with the students of IIMM Delhi on the topic "Raj Satta" on 12 April 2019. Our students, particularly students of #BJMC who are first-time voters, shared their views on the performance of the incumbent government and their hopes and aspirations from #GeneralElections2019.