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Happy birthday #hashtag

Disclaimer: This piece Happy Birthday #Hashtag written by Saumyaa Vohra is taken from The Hindu and appeared on its website on August 20, 2018. Ever since San Francisco techie Chris Messina used the first-ever hashtag on August 23, 2007 (#barcamp) on Twitter, the concept has become part of the zeitgeist. Here’s how to get it… Continue reading Happy birthday #hashtag

Lynching & the Law

This editorial is taken from The Hindu Lynching & the Law published on July 20, 2018. The Supreme Court order calling for a special law to deal with lynching sends a strong message about the growing phenomenon of mob violence. From vigilante violence targeting cattle traders in the name of cow protection, it has taken a new… Continue reading Lynching & the Law

रिश्तों की संवेदना

The following piece ‘रिश्तों की संवेदना ' appeared in Jansatta on 24 April, 2018. बिहार में पदस्थापित एक अधिकारी से फोन पर बातचीत के क्रम में मैंने यह जानना चाहा कि क्या आपके मां-पिता भी आपके साथ ही रहते हैं, तो उनका जवाब था- ‘नहीं! मैं अपने मां और पिताजी के साथ रहता हूं।’ साधारण समझ के मुताबिक… Continue reading रिश्तों की संवेदना

A Mission for Journalism in a Time of Crisis

This excerpt is taken from A mission for journalism in a time of crisis written by Katharine Viner published on The Guardian. "The transition from print to digital did not initially change the basic business model for many news organisations – that is, selling advertisements to fund the journalism delivered to readers. For a time, it seemed that… Continue reading A Mission for Journalism in a Time of Crisis