Story of Love: Simrat Gulati

has many forms. Yes, the romantic kind of love is the favourite among people and everyone likes to hear about this the most. As you move on in life and grow, you realize that there are many other forms of love. These various forms have contributed to making us the person we are today. An… Continue reading Story of Love: Simrat Gulati


Star Alum: Neev Kalia

Neev Kalia is a Star Alum at IIMM. He was enrolled in the Bachelor's in Journalism and Mass Communication program in the 2015-2018 batch. Here he shares his testimonial. If I talk about my experience at International Institute of Mass Media, New Delhi, it was really good. In the final year of the Bachelor’s in… Continue reading Star Alum: Neev Kalia

Risks to Media Integrity – A Perspective

The media is full of ‘exciting’ news: elections and polling, the life and crimes of the chief minister of a state etc.  Other important pieces of news are lost in this mire of “less” relevant news. Is there any lesson to be learnt from this? Media, its role and responsibility has been questioned. Who is… Continue reading Risks to Media Integrity – A Perspective

Journalism Ethics and Standards

What is this profession called journalism? What is a journalist supposed to do? What is her/his role? The answers to these questions will define a lot of related issues. Moreover, these answers will state the ethics and standards of journalism. A journalist finds and presents information for the society. She writes about what she observes… Continue reading Journalism Ethics and Standards

Long Term Transformation of Print Media

The print media, being one of the oldest forms of mass media, has features and characteristics very typical to its nature and gives it a special place. Fundamental Aspects of the Print Media Firstly, it is really the first formal mass media that came into the lives of people so it holds a special place… Continue reading Long Term Transformation of Print Media