IIMM Photography Expedition 2018: A Report

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As students of mass communication, it is pivotal for us to know about the surroundings we are engulfed in. This helps us learn about people.

Our institute, International Institute of Mass Media, organized a five-day Photography Expedition to Manali and surrounding areas from 26th to 30th November 2018. The objective of the expedition was to expose amateur and aspiring photographers to experience a challenging environment to test their photography skills.

The expedition was a welcome practical-cum-experiential training.

We returned with more knowledge of photography and its types owing to our mentor Mr Sujan Singh, who shared his experience with us. We learned about nature and weather photography and macro photography.

The group left for Kasol on the 26th of November from Delhi reaching the destination at one in the afternoon. After relaxing and a quick bite, we trekked to the Parvati valley. The scenic beauty of the valley and its riverside intrigued us and we took quite a few pictures of the landscape.

On the 28th, we moved to the next stop – Mannikaran, Popular for its temples and gurudwaras. The Gurudwara Shri Mannikaran Sahib sat amidst warm springs. The group continued with practical learning spending the whole day. Later in the evening, we left for Manali, where a warm bonfire and music greeted us. We relaxed and reflected on the days spent.

The Solang Valley was another hit among the student group. We enjoyed a long trek, roughly 3 kilometres to enjoy the snow. While some students took horse rides to reach the scenic location, some of us trekked the entire distance. It was worth the effort! The natural landscape of the Valley was a complement to the Photography Expedition.

Our mentor Mr Sujan Singh guided us to take some good shots of the Valley and its people. Later that day, we headed back to Manali for another night of music around a bonfire.

On the last morning of the expedition, some of us headed to the nearby Simsa village. The local people greeted us with smiles as did the magnificent sunrise. Later, we paid a short visit to the Hadimba temple and the Mall Road, Manali. We enjoyed the local shops and cuisine. By five in the evening, we were en route to Delhi.

When I look at the pictures from the expedition, I wonder how grateful I am for it, our mentor, and our Institute. We had enjoyed a safe and amenable expedition, one that helped us learn so much, at a minimal cost.

Our faculty has told us, “Mass communication isn’t about theory or sitting inside a classroom. It is about stepping out of your comfort zones and being on the field all day.” The Photography Expedition was our guided experience of exactly that.

Personally, I would be grateful to our Institute for giving us having this opportunity.

Vishesh Roy is a final-year student pursuing his Master’s in Mass Communication. He is a photography enthusiast and hopes to become a successful photojournalist. 


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