Vishesh Roy is a final-year student pursuing his Master’s in Mass Communication. He is a photography enthusiast and hopes to become a successful photojournalist. 


Interviewing and Job-Searching as an Introvert

This piece Interviewing and Job-Searching as an Introvert written by Shavon Evelyn is taken from Quiet Revolution. So you’re an introvert, and now you need to take on the monumental task of propelling yourself into the job-search market. You have to face the nerve-racking reality of the interview process: a barrage of questions that might as well… Continue reading Interviewing and Job-Searching as an Introvert

How false news can spread – Noah Tavlin In previous decades, most news with global reach came from several major newspapers and networks with the resources to gather information directly. The speed with which information spreads now, however, has created the ideal conditions for something called circular reporting. Noah Tavlin sheds light on this phenomenon. The term “circular reporting” likely originated in… Continue reading How false news can spread – Noah Tavlin

Happy birthday #hashtag

Disclaimer: This piece Happy Birthday #Hashtag written by Saumyaa Vohra is taken from The Hindu and appeared on its website on August 20, 2018. Ever since San Francisco techie Chris Messina used the first-ever hashtag on August 23, 2007 (#barcamp) on Twitter, the concept has become part of the zeitgeist. Here’s how to get it… Continue reading Happy birthday #hashtag