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An Ode to Andres Iniesta – A Kiss From Fuentealbilla

This article was first published on Football Paradise as An Ode to Andres Iniesta – A Kiss From Fuentealbilla.  Andres Iniesta is among a dying breed of midfielders that can turn, nutmeg, run, pause, cut inside and shoot – all on a dime. He’s come a long long way from the crying boy in La Masia… Continue reading An Ode to Andres Iniesta – A Kiss From Fuentealbilla

Elon Musk: The Real-Life Iron Man

Born on this day in 1971, Elon Musk is known for his entrepreneurial spirit, his innovations and designs, and for his quest to "colonize" the red planet, Mars. Born in South Africa, Musk was only 12 when he sold a computer game he designed to the PC & Office Technology magazine. From there, Musk graduated… Continue reading Elon Musk: The Real-Life Iron Man

रिश्तों की संवेदना

The following piece ‘रिश्तों की संवेदना ' appeared in Jansatta on 24 April, 2018. बिहार में पदस्थापित एक अधिकारी से फोन पर बातचीत के क्रम में मैंने यह जानना चाहा कि क्या आपके मां-पिता भी आपके साथ ही रहते हैं, तो उनका जवाब था- ‘नहीं! मैं अपने मां और पिताजी के साथ रहता हूं।’ साधारण समझ के मुताबिक… Continue reading रिश्तों की संवेदना