Workshop on Stress Management & Mental Health

In today’s world, one of the hardest parts of life is to decide whether to walk away or try harder. Depression can affect anyone and consequently it can affect anything you do in your daily life. It is not something you can quickly recover from like a cold or a stomach bug. It is the… Continue reading Workshop on Stress Management & Mental Health



आखिर क्योँ, कुछ लोग राम कुछ रहीम हुए, क्योँ कोई वैद्य, कुछ हकीम हुए, क्योँ वो हर्म की चादर से लिप्टे सो गये, दंगे हुए भगवान पर और उनके ही बच्चे रो गये| क्योँ ये ऊंच नीच, ये जात पात, कुछ अलग अलग, कुछ साथ साथ, जब धर्म पे आयी बात चीत, हुए दंगे, हो… Continue reading क्योँ

Recap: Lest We Forget Our Farmers

“Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.” ~ Steven Wright Distance is hardly an issue when the cause is of such paramount importance. In the early days of March, our farmers, walked for six days, covering a distance of more than 112 miles from Nashik to Mumbai. Their peaceful, self-sacrificing march, caused… Continue reading Recap: Lest We Forget Our Farmers