A Weapon of Mass Construction – The Value of Using Social Media Tools

Social media is the new ‘in thing’ in the world of today’s youth. Remaining in touch with others and knowing what your peers, friends and colleagues are up to is so important for the youngsters and for that staying connected with the others is required. This is where the social media sites on the internet… Continue reading A Weapon of Mass Construction – The Value of Using Social Media Tools


Love, No Matter What: Andrew Solomon

The following excerpt is taken from 'Love, No Matter What', a TED talk given by Andrew Solomon at TEDMED 2013. "There are these other identities which you have to learn from a peer group. And I call them horizontal identities, because the peer group is the horizontal experience. These are identities that are alien to your parents and that… Continue reading Love, No Matter What: Andrew Solomon

मैं हूँ क्या – वैश्या

जानते हो मैं हूँ क्या? मैं हूँ वैश्या पता है मैंने है क्या-क्या किया? मैं नाचती हूँ कोठों पर, खुश होती हूँ बस नोटों पर हर रात, हर रात मैं अपना जिस्म बेचती हूँ इतना दर्द मैं बस, पैंसों के लिए तो सहती हूँ मैं लोगों की रातें रंगीन करती हूँ हर रात ये अपराध… Continue reading मैं हूँ क्या – वैश्या

And, the Winners are…

IIMM is proud to announce that our students aced the inter-collegiate competition Muqabala 2018. The results of the competition are as follows: Poetry Recitation First Position: Mausam Jha, BMC 2nd Year, IIMM Second Position: Ankita Garg, Technia Institute of Advanced Studies Third Position: Mini Pandey, MMC 2nd Year, IIMM Debate  First Position: Naziya Perveen, BMC… Continue reading And, the Winners are…